The scariest thing about Halloween is how much Pumpkin is wasted, lets change that this year! – Helen Tandy

My September was all about waste. I went from the Zero Waste Week to Recycle Week to Waste Less Live More Week, all the time reading and learning more about reducing consumption, recycling more and working towards a zero waste life.

Although the month soon passed, it’s now already half way through October, I’m going to carry on with the principles I learnt.

One thing I hadn’t thought about until recently was pumpkins, my son is 19 now so my days ofpumpkin-rescue carving a pumpkin are well and truly behind me but I do have family and friends with younger children. I was very surprised to hear statistics that 18,000 tonnes, equivalent to 1500 double-decker buses of edible pumpkin end up in the bin each year.

Pumpkin Rescue (#pumpkinrescue) aims to encourage people to eat their pumpkin rather than throw them away.

What will you be doing with your pumpkin this year? Join us with #pumpkinrescue and make the most of this fantastic fruit this Autumn.

If you live in the Chester region, Saturday 29 October- Chester and District Friends of the earth are holding their first Chester Pumpkin Rescue event. This will take place alongside The Chester Food Assembly at its Halloween and Artisan Craft Fair, held at The Piper in Hoole from 10am to 2pm.

#PumpkinRescue is part of a Zero Food Waste Britain which outlines five principles to tackling food waste and has been developed by Unilever and Hubbub. We have had the support of both Hubbub and Friends of the Earth in setting up this event.

The team are going to show the people of Chester that pumpkins are not just for Halloween. We are going to get #ChesterEatingPumpkin

We will be making and selling Pumpkin cupcakes and providing recipe sheets. The giant bee will be making an appearance to explain to children the importance of bees in pollinating our food including pumpkins…..

Chester Food Assembly as well as its producers, have invited artisan craft stalls, pumpkin carving, mask making, a spooky treasure hunt and have a prize for the best Halloween costume.

We hope you will join the fun and save a pumpkin this Halloween, because every pumpkin is precious.

If you would like further details on Hubbub’s Zero Food Waste Britain scheme click here.

– Helen Tandy